My First Few Days in the Hospital

Julie and Ryan on a hospital bed
Julie and Ryan cozy up on the hospital bed

Being an expectant mother of triplets makes me so joyful. I’ve been wanting children for so long, struggled with infertility for nearly five years, and my dreams are finally being realized. But it is still so hard. Being in the hospital puts our minds at ease, knowing that the babies are being monitored twice daily and there are people who can help in an instant if it is needed. We are getting education as to what to expect if they are born within the next week or two and each week that I’m here benefits the babies – the longer I am here, the better. So far the care I have been receiving is wonderful – the doctors and nurses have been great. Although these things are all good, there are times its hard emotionally. I am missing family, my dog, and my home terribly. Doing what is best for the babies is what matters the most, but it doesn’t change the fact of what I face every day.

There is a time in my life I didn’t think I would be able to celebrate mother’s day from the perspective of being a mom, and this is the first time I will be able to do that. Even though the babies haven’t been born yet, I feel like the care that I’ve been giving them and the love I have for them defines motherhood. Even though I haven’t had the full experience raising babies/kids, I’ve already received mother’s day cards and flowers, making it official.

I have already had a few visitors, which really helps the time go by. I won’t publish my location on this blog, but if you would like to visit me, feel free to email, text or call me or Ryan and we’ll let you know where to find me. Some times of the day are busy with baby monitoring, doctors and meeting with other staff so it’s always good to arrange a visit ahead of time.

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