Julie holding up three fingers and an ultrasound photo

After nearly five years of battling infertility, we are so happy to announce that Julie is pregnant with triplets!

We are preparing our home and our lives for the big changes ahead. We started this blog to help us keep everyone updated on the progress and to share our story. Whether you are an interested friend or family member, are expecting multiples, or are struggling with infertility, we hope you find something interesting or educational.

Because this is published on the internet for the world to see, we may choose to omit certain details for the protection of our children and our privacy. However, we welcome questions from those who know us personally.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Ryan and Julie

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are all in my prayers! As I have been reading both of your posts I can’t help but think what amazing parents you both are already!!! The love that you both have for each other and your babies is beautiful! The last two posts really got to me! I can feel the all the emotions that you are going through. I know that what ever tomorrow brings the lord has a plan and he will help you though it. I will continue to pray for your sweet family! May the Lord watch over you all.

    Hugs from ARC Rhonda

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