The Beginning

Ryan and Julie
Ryan and Julie – our wedding day

We first met in high school, but we were never high school sweethearts. Rather, we had mutual friends and pretty much ran in the same circles.

Life went on after we graduated, and we each stayed in touch with a mutual friend. We were reacquainted in a group of friends and were comfortable hanging out. Julie had a “date” with this mutual friend for New Year’s Eve – just to go out as friends. As it turned out, he met someone and his plans changed, leaving Julie without a date. He asked me if I would be her date for NYE.

“Go on a date with Julie? Sure, why not?” was my reply.

Strangely, he seemed almost shocked at this. “You would date her? How do you know if she’s your type?”

“How would I know unless I dated her?” It seemed so obvious to me, at least. As Julie would later tell me, he asked her the same types of questions with the same responses. So it seemed our friend would be the matchmaker and forever go on to claim credit for it (thanks, buddy!).

New Year’s Eve 2001-2002 was our first true date. We danced and partied the night away, topped off with the midnight kiss. We never looked back. We spent a couple years dating. There were arguments, tough times and good times. Whatever the challenges, we worked through them together.

In 2004, I took Julie on a trip to see my alma mater. I took her on a personal tour of the campus, telling tales of my college adventures on the way. I remember it was drizzling on and off that day. As we reached the end of the tour, I nervously proposed on one knee. Julie nearly lost the umbrella in her excitement, as I clumsily produced the engagement ring.

We were married in the fall of 2005. For those who are doing the math, it is likely clear that we did not rush into marriage. Patient as we are, we moved into our home knowing we would want to enjoy some time as a couple before expanding our family, but knowing we both wanted to have children.

And then one day we decided to start trying

[Written by Ryan]

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