Grant and Julie on doorstep

Grant is Home

Grant and Julie on doorstep
Grant arrives at home for the first time.

After spending 117 days in the NICU, Grant finally came home on Tuesday! Everything happened so fast. We had less than a week’s notice, where we were told only a couple days prior that it would probably be a few weeks. We scrambled with a lot of last minute remodeling to finish our bedroom and the nursery, assembled cribs and pulled the car seat out of the closet.

We are so happy to finally have him home, but we are certainly exhausted. As first time parents, the fact that he is also hooked up to oxygen makes us especially paranoid. We got absolutely no sleep the first night and are working our way up to a few hours a night.

Hazel has struggled with her feedings where she aspirates instead of closing her airway and swallowing her milk/formula. She will have surgery next week to have a G-tube so she can be fed directly. We’re told it is roughly a week or two of recovery and then she will likely be coming home. We are bracing ourselves and just hope and pray we can be good parents and give them both what they need.

This is a quick update until we can get on our feet a little bit. We hope to share more in the near future.

Anderson family and care providers
Our family including some of the care providers we’ve gotten to know like family.

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