Bed Rest Continues

Julie on bed rest - 20 weeks
Julie on bed rest – 20 weeks

Well, I went back to the clinic to follow up on my progress, see if Baby A had regained amniotic fluid and if there would be any chance of coming off bed rest. The good news is, all babies have good strong heartbeats and good umbilical blood flow. Unfortunately, Baby A still has so little amniotic fluid that they weren’t even able to measure it.

The doctor says the membrane must be ruptured, even though it is still there and largely in tact. I need to be very careful of signs of infection and avoid sick people. I am on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy, and at 24 weeks I will be hospitalized. At that time they will give me antibiotics by IV for a couple days and steroids to help Baby A’s lung development. In the meantime, I’ll need weekly doctor visits to continue monitoring the babies.

I was really disappointed at this news. I was just hoping so badly that I would see the fluid regenerated and things would look better for the babies.

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