Update to 17 Weeks

Hope napping
Hope – Julie’s bed rest buddy.

We have some good news that I am no longer on bed rest! After a week of watching Netflix and laying on my side, I will be able to return to work, but with restricted activity.

I went to the doctor for my scheduled appointment and to be re-evaluated after leaking amniotic fluid (see 17 Weeks). At the clinic, they knew that I was in the birth center triage on Monday and was on bed rest for the week, so they asked me to hop up on the bed for an exam. They asked if I had any additional leaking since Monday, which I had not, so that was good. The nurse did a quick ultrasound to check on the babies and the amount of amniotic fluid they had. We listened to each of their heartbeats, and all three had great heart rates (167-170bpm). Everything looked good from the nurse’s perspective.

The doctor came in later to confirm that all three babies were doing well, and that each had an even amount of amniotic fluid surrounding them. The doctor was pleased with my blood pressure and my weight gain so far. Aside from prior amniotic fluid leakage, this was a great update visit. I was happy when she told me that I could come off bed rest and return to work. She looked at me seriously and said, “Now, this doesn’t mean you leave here and go shopping for two hours!” She continued to lay out the restrictions. I should limit my activity – maybe do just one thing for a little bit standing and then go back to sitting or lying down. I can’t lift more than 20 pounds, and she recommended some kind of maternity brace to offload the weight to my shoulders. When I go to work, I should try to stay off my feet, and when I get home from work I should try to take it easy. She also said that if I see any leaking again, it will mean going right to bed rest, most likely for the rest of the pregnancy.

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